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OMEKTRON is a technical trading company which
imports Pneumatic & Hydraulic equipments, Food packing Machines, and exports Polyurethane Machines, wheel bolts, Front Axle and Chassis
Systems and related spare parts of trucks,
buses and heavy vehicles. Our current portfolio
consists of 400 different parts from many
brands. We are also able to produce
special parts specific for your needs
based on the technical drawings.

Please call or E-mail Us
if you need any further information.

Export & Import Products

Pneumatic & Hydrolic

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Equipments and Machines

We provide all kinds of pneumatic and hydraulic equipments. We also provide the Engineering service, after sales technical service, system design and consultancy.

Wheel Bolts

Wheel Bolts

All kinds of wheel bolts, wheel studs.

Front Axle and Chassis Systems

Front Axle and Chassis Systems

Steering Knockle, Ball Joint, V-Link, Steering Shaft Tie Rod, Rod, V Link, Fixed Torque Rod, Rod Ends, Gear Shaft, Rotil, Gear Rotil and repair kits.

Polyurethane Machinery Systems

Polyurethane Machine Systems

We are Sales Agent for ALKO Machines. We sell ALKO Polyurethane Machines, Iron Forming Machines all around the world.

Food Packing and Cup Making

Food Packing and Cup Making Machines

We are Sales Agent for Shantou Anping Food Stuff Packing Machines. We provide jelly packing machines, cup and bowl making fully automatic systems, extruder machines etc..